The Danny Sherwood Triage are a London based folk blues trio. Following Danny’s 2012 solo EP When my Ship Come In, the Triage released the EP Hands October 1st 2015. As well as Danny’s piano and bass-baritone vocal, the new EP features Duncan Menzies on the violin, Jo Cullum on the cello, and Brendan Rowley on the double bass. 

Songs range from the sweeter, gospel-influenced “Hands”, to the harsher, sparser blues of “Bitter Ditty” and “Argument Blues”. Danny’s songs are driven by a need to understand himself and people close to him (often those who are bed-close). His words explore his own feelings in a way that rings true for others, navigating emotional landscapes of affection and anger, tranquility and turmoil, angst and apathy.

In his words, “being a songwriter gives every cloud a silver lining: a bad relationship can become a great song”.